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TES is a team of IT professionals operating in the E-Commerce and logistics sector for over 5 years. We work to ensure highly available and scalable platforms, facilitating collaboration between our clients and their partners, ensuring seamless system integration. Furthermore, we support our partners in regional development by making our products accessible in target countries.


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing unique solutions to our clients. Our culture of innovation sets us apart in the market, enabling us to stay at the forefront and create products and services that transform the industry.


We view every transaction as the beginning of a lasting partnership. We remain committed to providing ongoing support, listening to their evolving needs, and adjusting our services and offerings accordingly.


We have accumulated years of practical experience in the e-commerce and express delivery industry, giving us a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face. Our experience enables us to anticipate potential issues and offer effective, proven solutions.


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Enhance the Efficiency, Visibility, and Control of Logistics Operations.

Whether you are a recently founded company or a well-rooted business in the E-Commerce logistics sector, our ECOTRACK solution will empower you to master goods flow management, shipment tracking, warehouse management, and other aspects related to the logistics chain.

With ECOTRACK, you digitize all your end-to-end operations and provide real-time visibility to all elements in the delivery chain.

Enhance your customers' shopping experience and increase your operational efficiency.

In addition to providing features for order management, inventory management, payment processing, return management, and other aspects related to the operations of your online sales business, our ECOMANAGER solution turns customer relationship into a competitive advantage for the growth of your company.

With its wide range of modules, the platform will help you optimize your time, reduce your costs, and make the right strategic decisions for your growth.

All-in-One Solution for Optimized E-commerce Service Management.

An integrated platform for managing services dedicated to e-commerce partners, ECOMANAGER Service allows you to track real-time flows, process orders and payments intuitively. With flexible customization, user-friendly interface, and expert support.

Boost efficiency and competitiveness starting today.

Communicate with your customers across all platforms from one place.

Ecom360 is an all-in-one integrated communication platform that assists e-commerce businesses and express delivery companies in Algeria in managing all of their communication and relationship marketing channels (phone, email, SMS, chat, social media, etc.) from a single platform, simplifying the management and coordination of customer relationships.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way Algerian e-commerce and delivery companies communicate and engage with their prospects and customers, with the aim of generating more sales and engagement. We believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of success in this dynamic sector.



We are satisfied with the work done by the Techno Edge team. Their technical expertise, efficiency, and dedication are impressive. Congratulations on your excellent work! 🌟

Sofiane Yagoub


A team that meets expectations, always attentive, available all the time, and providing very professional and rare support from a supplier. I wish you all the best.

Tarek Belaroussi

CEO de St Germain

Very satisfied with Techno Edge's service. A dynamic and efficient team, especially one that understands the clients' issues. Four years with Techno Edge, and I'm fully satisfied with the solution and service. Thank you.

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An innovative startup, labeled by the Ministry of Startups.

ECSEL Award 2022

Winner of the B2B Award in 2022 at the National E-commerce Exhibition.

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Member of the Algerian Digital Actors Group.


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